Looking for reliable essay writing services, I’ve tried something like dozen sites. Some were cheap but poor in terms of content quality, others prepared a stellar paper yet were too costly for me to use on a permanent basis. That’s why I decided to put some efforts to eventually find this ‘golden middle’ writing site which could cater for all my academic writing needs and still be priced reasonably enough to order more than one paper once in a blue moon. A couple of months ago, when a semester has just started, I stumbled on After giving it a couple of shots, I finally concluded that was the service I’ve been searching all this time. And here’s my review.

Looking slick and easy to navigate

Website has a rather generic, simplistic design, however it catches my eye with comfortable navigation, vivid menus and quick access to all the major sections. Customer area is also plain and could be grasped even by my grandpa.

Fonts and color palette in general are pleasing to an eye as well. Information given by the site is coherent and gives answers to almost all questions a student might have when first using the service. For everything else, there’s 24/7 Customer support. It’s free and available without holidays or weekends.

What your money can buy at

Star Essay is a paper writing service, and I must admit it’s one of the most fine-priced options out there. I don’t have wealthy parents, so moderate rates per page make me genuinely happy. For what your money’s worth, when making an order you can count on original content relevant to the topic provided, proofreading of the manuscript when draft’s ready, formatting and APA/MLA referencing. Such aspects as bibliography, acknowledgments or proposal are taken care of too. All in all, the site provides you with a paper 100% ready for submission. Order placement is also quite quick and easy:

  • Register in the system
  • Fill out the order form with all applicable task demands
  • Choose a payment option
  • Verify an order on the phone with a manager
  • Download a paper once ready

I must admit the whole place-an-order thing takes no more than 10 minutes or so. If it’s an essay, I place an order even quicker, and it gets done in about 5 hours, sometimes quicker. But if it’s a paper with considerably higher word count than standard 2000 words for an essay, then a writer needs more time essentially.

Writing panel

To date, I’ve already opted for more than ten essays and a couple of reports. What I can say about this company is that they pay great attention to authenticity of their papers. Sometimes revisions are needed, but they’re done for free by an original writer and in unlimited amount within 14 days. When it’s an essay in one of my minors, I seldom ask for revisions at all.

As far as I know, you can count on a Master’s degree holder as your assigned writer. The service does great job putting subject-savvy writers to complete orders for students. There’s also a quite nifty Message board tool tailored for communication with a currently assigned expert, getting drafts or providing last-minute instructions.

Bottom line

By and large, I’m glad to have eventually found this site. It knows to bring admirable value for money, helping out with quality writing especially when you’re on a budget. No doubt, there’re services to write more accomplished papers for you much faster, but their rates are too high, at least for me. Once again, Star Essay is pocket-friendly solution offering above-average academic writing.