What Is a Lab Report and All the Fuss Around It?

When it comes to laboratory experiments, most students feel excited and absolutely sure they will cope with the task. But as soon as it touches writing lab report pretty much everybody gets puzzled.

What is so special about this task? Is writing lab report really that important as teachers say? Yes, it is.

A lab report is a kind of communication means in the scientific world. This is the way one scientist will tell all scientific community about his findings in a particular sphere. This information may serve a background for further discoveries. That’s how a discipline develops.

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No matter what area you explore, a lab report is mainly about findings presentation. But the whole importance of the task lies in showing true value of these findings. This is where most students stumble.

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Here are some valuable hints:

  • Start with an introduction. Let the audience know what your experiment was all about;
  • Don’t forget about methods and materials that helped you test your hypothesis;
  • Present the results;
  • Comment on your findings and say whether they support your hypothesis.

This is basic lab report format applicable in all subject areas. But if you feel uncertain you can cope with it on your own let us help you.

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